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2020 Was A Weird Year For Hollywood And Politics

Here’s a look back at some of the site’s most talked-about stories


 | January 2, 2021

Jan 02 2021

2020 was a weird year. With much of Hollywood shut down due to the pandemic, people turned to politics for entertainment, and canceling people for minor or perceived transgressions became a national pastime in lieu of real sports. Here’s a look back at some of the crazy things that happened this year that shows just how much Hollywood and politics have mixed; click the links to read articles you might have missed.

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The craziest plot twist: Trump got coronavirus

Sometimes it almost seems like life is scripted. When President Trump got coronavirus in early October, a few celebrities offered well wishes but much of Hollywood reacted with glee

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore speculated that the president might be faking it

Other celebs enjoyed dunking on Trump for calling the coronavirus a hoax, even though he never did that, and the claim that he did was thoroughly debunked. 

Jane Fonda, meanwhile, called the coronavirus pandemic “God’s gift to the left” because it would help get Trump out of office.

Celebs got political

With 2020 being a presidential election year (and a highly contentious one at that), celebrities shared their opinions about politics even more than usual.  

Comedian Kathy Griffin advocated violence against the president when she suggested injecting Trump with a syringe full of air, which can cause a fatal embolism. After the election, she re-posted a deranged photo of herself holding a fake, severed bloody head that resembles President Trump.

“Borat” actor Sascha Baron Cohen purportedly caught former New York City mayor and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani in a compromising position with a woman alone in a hotel room… but an interview with the “Borat 2” actress involved makes it pretty clear that the scene was deceptively edited.  

50 Cent told his followers to vote for Trump, but he later changed his tune after ex-girlfriend comedian Chelsea Handler offered to sleep with the rapper again if he voted for Biden.

A YouTuber with more than 5 million subscribers offered to send nude pics to anyone who voted for Biden. 

After host Alex Trebek died, Cancel Culture came for “Jeopardy” champion Ken Jennings.

Politicians got the Hollywood treatment  

News got out that former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are producing a comedy about the Trump administration for Netflix. The former president also released his list of favorite movies and TV for 2020. 

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo won an Emmy for his daily television briefings during the pandemic. 

Former Rep. Katie Hill, who resigned from Congress after someone leaked nude photos that confirmed she had been involved in an inappropriate relationship with a young female staff member, announced she will be adding the title “movie producer” to her resume, and that she will be played by Elizabeth Moss in a movie based on her memoir. 

The fictional world of Hollywood collided with the real world when it was revealed that Rep. Eric Swalwell, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, had ties to a Chinese spy in a situation reminiscent of the ABC show “Alias.”

And more celebs got political 

The rapper Ice Cube secretly worked with the Trump administration on a plan to help black Americans, after getting rejected by the Biden campaign.

Musician Bon Jovi released an overtly political album that got terrible reviews, and singer Demi Lovato released an anti-Trump anthem. Stevie Nicks said Fleetwood Mac would not exist without abortion

The Rock endorsed a presidential candidate for the first time. After the media eventually called the election for Joe Biden, Jennifer Lawrence shared a video of herself celebrating by running up and down a Boston sidewalk in her pajamas

After the election, rather than heeding the call to unify, many people in Hollywood and on the far left openly advocated for blacklists, forgetting the lesson of the movie “Trumbo.”

The actor Alec Baldwin said to “Bury Trump in a Nazi graveyard and put swastika on his grave.”

A few pushed back against Cancel Culture

Comedian Bill Burr realized that he’s been censoring himself and resolved to go back to saying whatever he wants to say on stage. He also hosted Saturday Night live for the first time, and he used the opportunity to eviscerate Woke white women

“Two Broke Girls” co-creator and former “Roseanne” executive producer Whitney Cummings compared Cancel Culture to watching people fight to the death for entertainment in the Roman Colosseum and observed that the pandemic made things worse since we don’t have sports. 

Matthew McConaughey shared a story about people in Hollywood hiding their Christian faith.

And Hollywood got even more political

The Oscars rolled out new race and gender requirements to win the Best Picture award that would eliminate many past winners. 

Hollywood reacted to Justice Ginsburg’s death.

Jim Carrey portrayed Biden on SNL.  

The model Emily Ratajkowski got pregnant but said she won’t know her baby’s gender until it turns 18.

We almost got a presidential debate on Joe Rogan’s podcast

The knives came out for Joe Rogan over an old joke after President Trump said he wanted to debate Joe Biden on Rogan’s podcast. Spotify employees also threatened to strike unless they were given the ability to censor Rogan, but Spotify did not cave. After the election, Rogan revealed that it wasn’t just bluster; the Trump actually reached out about wanting Rogan to moderate a debate.   

The Woke mob did, however, briefly succeed in getting Target to ban an author’s book after she appeared on Rogan’s podcast.  

Streaming services boomed thanks to the pandemic

With many movie theaters still closed, Wonder Woman 1984 was released on streaming platforms the same day of its theatrical release. Did you know that Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin produced more than 40 movies, including the first Wonder Woman movie? 

Netflix and Hulu caved to the Woke mob by pulling more than a dozen episodes of TVs shows due to politically incorrect humor. Yet Netflix also added a movie that features a group of 12-year-old girls twerking and grabbing themselves in sexually suggestive ways. 

The live-action remake of the movie “Mulan” premiered on Disney+. A Disney exec defended the company’s decision to work with China despite the government’s ethnic cleansing of minority Uighurs.

Even sports got political

EA’s “Madden” video game franchise brought Colin Kaepernick back as a free agent, and Ben & Jerry’s gave Kaepernick his own flavor

Mark Cuban defended the NBA’s relationship with China despite the country’s human rights abuses. 

Football players wore names on their helmets to make a political statement about police shootings, but at least one player refused to join the protest after learning more details. 

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