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Demi Lovato Gets Political

Singer says she doesn’t care if criticizing the president ruins her career


 | October 16, 2020

Oct 16 2020

Singer Demi Lovato is out with a new song criticizing President Trump, and she says she doesn’t care if it ruins her career.

That’s not terribly likely. Although it’s true that some performers have hurt their brand by getting political (the group formerly known as The Dixie Chicks being the most prominent example), Lovato is a pop singer with a demographic that skews younger, so she is far more likely to get embraced by the Left rather than suffer any serious consequences to her career. What really matters is if the music is any good.  

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New single is an anti-Trump anthem: 

Lovato’s latest single, “Commander in Chief” includes lyrics like:

“Commander in Chief, honestly. If I did the things you do, I couldn’t sleep. Seriously, do you even know the truth?”

“We’re in a state of crisis, people are dying. While you line your pockets deep.”

“Commander in Chief, how does it feel to still be able to breathe?”

(That’s likely a reference to the death of George Floyd while in police custody, not Trump’s recent battle with coronavirus.) 

The song also includes the lyric “We’ll be in the streets while you’re bunkering down” and a reference to protests over racial injustice: “We’ll still take a knee while you’re Commander in Chief.”  

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As with any protest song, whether people like it ultimately probably depends on how good it is musically, especially given that a lot of the lines are probably going to quickly become dated political references that will not stand the test-of-time.

As of this writing, the video has more than 2 million views on YouTube (which seems kinda low given that Lovato has more than 16 million YouTube subscribers and she promoted the song on Instagram, where she has more than 93 million followers.) She also performed the anti-Trump at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards.  

Give the song a listen and judge for yourself, then share what you think:

Some fans posted messages expressing that they wished the singer would avoid putting politics in her music. Lovato chose one fan to reply to on Instagram, and said:

“You do understand as a celebrity, I have a right to political views as well? Or did you forget that we aren’t just around to entertain people our entire lives..that we are citizens of the same country and we are humans with opinions as well?” She also wrote, “I literally don’t care if this ruins my career.”

Lovato’s hits include songs like “Body Say,” “Cool for the Summer,” “Give Your Heart A Break,” and “Sorry Not Sorry.” 

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