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Kathy Griffin Re-posts Deranged Photo Of Herself Holding Trump’s Severed Head

Comedian’s previous teary-eyed apology was apparently just for show

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 | November 9, 2020

Nov 09 2020

It seems that Kathy Griffin was never really sorry.

On Wednesday Nov. 4, the D-List celebrity re-posted a deranged photo of herself holding a fake, bloody severed head that resembles President Trump.

The comedian faced swift backlash when she originally shared the photo in 2017: Griffin got fired from her gig co-hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve special, her comedy tour got canceled, and a commercial she shot for the Squatty Potty device that helps people poop got flushed down the toilet.

Griffin apologized at a tearful press conference in which she also portrayed herself as the victim in the situation, saying that the president “broke me.” But a few months later the comedian said that she was no longer sorry, and she then told CBS that she would do it again

In June, she suggested injecting Trump with a needle full of air, which can be fatal.

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By reposting the violent image in the wake of a contested election, it seems apparent that the comedian never felt any real remorse for her gross behavior.

For the past four years, militant Leftists have been caught up in a mass-hysteria, imaging that Trump is a Hitler-like dictator, all because an election they thought they would easily win didn’t go their way. They hate Trump and believe him to be a racist, misogynist xenophobe, and therefore they think that anyone who supports him must be those things as well. In their deluded state, they see themselves as members of an underground revolutionary resistance fighting against an evil, totalitarian force. This is totally detached from reality, and it’s not a healthy way of looking at fellow citizens. If we want to live in a functional democracy, everyone must accept legitimate election results.

Griffin’s sick revenge fantasy of beheading Trump is not healthy. It’s not healthy for our democracy.

Kathy Griffin twice posted a picture of herself posing like an executioner holding a bloody, decapitated head. Before doing something like that ever again, she might want to read A Tale of Two Cities for a refresher about the fate of Madame DeFarge. 

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