About Us

Who We Are

Actors Are Idiots purpose is threefold: (1) to call the Hollywood elite to the floor and give the average Joe and Jane the chance to talk back, (2) to put a check on the actors, musicians, and entertainment execs who claim to be an authority on cultural and political issues, and (3) to break down the political barrier on the entertainment industry.

We’ve heard from the celebrities who are rife with opinions. We want to bring the conversation back down to an even playing field. On our platform, everyone has an equal voice. Our content is a catalyst for the everyday observer to get off the sideline and get in the debate. We build new features and functionalities for the sake of including user input, never suppressing it. We want the reader to have just as much say as the writer.

The way we see it, Hollywood can say or do just about anything with little to no repercussions. We’re not content with that status quo. We prefer media to be of, by, and for the people, not bought and paid for by elites. When celebrities say stupid things, we are there to call them on it. Our audience isn’t here to be talked at, they’re here to talk back.

Our Brand

We’re not hiding who we are (as our name would imply). We’ve put it all out on the table for you to decide. If you like what you read, you’ll like the people behind it. We say what we mean and we mean what we say, plain and simple. We’ll agree to differ, but we won’t give up our values, period.

We’re bold and brash, and a whole lot of fun. We liven up our content so that you can enjoy what we write as much as we do. We love movies, music, and entertainment, and we’re tired or watching it all fall into the wrong hands. Miss going to the theaters and not having to worry about an actor’s politics? So do we. So while we do our job to bring it back, we’re making it fun along the way.

We’re Speaking To YOU

We’re dedicating this one to all you Joe the Plubmers out there! No, but seriously… this isn’t your Sunday paper. We’re a hard-cut, to the point publication writing to the average crowd that’s getting ignored everywhere else. Hollywood is just talking at you, telling you what to think, what to feel. Enough of that.

We want to hear from you. We put everything in place to listen to your feedback, to put you on the stage and give you a voice. Whether you’re a student in California who’s tired of being told what to think and feel or a rancher in Texas that’s sick of the fake news, you won’t go unheard here. We’re here to make the ordinary among us feel extraordinary.