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Tana Mongeau Offers Nude Photos If You Vote Biden

Buying votes is illegal


 | October 12, 2020

Oct 12 2020

Tana Mongeau offered nude photos to anyone who could prove they voted for Joe Biden.

If you’ve never heard of 22-year-old Tana Mongeau before, you’ll be surprised to learn she is a social media influencer with more than 5.45 million YouTube subscribers. That’s 5.45 million people who specifically signed up to watch her videos and hear her thoughts.

And if you want to try to understand the cultural influences shaping Gen-Z, try to make it through more than a minute of her video titled “trying EVERY SINGLE viral Tik Tok beauty hack blackout drunk” which has more than 3 million views. 

Her most popular video, titled “I peed on Shane Dawson. You wish this was clickbait” has more than 19.8 million views.

On Sept. 30, she tweeted that, “if u send me proof u voted for Biden I’ll send you a nude for free” and then gave the link to her OnlyFans account with the hashtag #bootyforbiden

Source: TMZ

OnlyFans is a website where fans can pay to directly interact with people, most of whom offer adult-oriented content. 

Offering anything of value in exchange for voting for a particular candidate is illegal, and a federal felony. Mongeau later rescinded the offer, claiming that the offer was not serious and she was only being sarcastic. The tweet has since been deleted. 

She also posted this comment to her Instagram page, alongside a picture of her posing in underwear with Biden’s face superimposed on her body:

“update #bootyforbiden broke tana uncensored. love to see so many ppl who want change as badly as i do. u don’t need my ass to know what’s right for America so go VOTE! today was fun, ily US”

“Obviously no one needs an explicit photo of me to go vote and make a change in our country,” she told Insider. “As much as I love Biden, I am not telling anyone who to vote for.” Insider also reported that she said she had not sent any free nudes to Biden voters. 

“It really was just a funny thing to post, and in every form people sent in they were just being silly and sarcastic back. I’m not out here asking for ballots on OnlyFans, because that would be illegal and weird,” Mongeau said. 

Mongeau said she wanted to use her voice to encourage her young followers to vote. Time will tell if they show up on Nov. 3. 

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