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Celebrities Who Advocated 2016 Vote Re-Count Remain Quiet in 2020 Election

There’s a lack of outcry from Hollywood on Twitter since the media has declared Biden as President Elect despite claims of potential ballot inconsistencies


 | November 12, 2020

Nov 12 2020

An adamant President Trump has been openly critical of the 2020 election results since long before November 3rd – citing mail-in ballot fraud as a potential method of Biden-favoring interference. The president’s campaign has demanded re-counts by hand in states like Georgia and Wisconsin in lieu of the possible interference and threatens to pursue legal action if states do not comply.

Joe Lieberman, (if you remember 2000) Democratic vice presidential candidate told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Tuesday morning that the president should have the right to “pursue all potential legal remedies” regarding the integrity of election results. After all, the 2000 Gore/Liberman campaign demanded a recount in Florida because of ballot design flaws and subsequent mismarkings – delaying his concedement until December of that year.

“For now, I hope the president has his day in court…If he doesn’t win — which I suspect he won’t — then [I hope] he’ll put the country first, which he always says he’s all about”.

Many celebrities have also publicly advocated for recounts, such as Lindsay Lohan and George Takei. Except, we’re talking about when Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton lost in 2016 – before ‘Mueller’ and ‘Russia-Gate’ became household names. Hollywood liberals showed the world their knee-jerk reaction to their candidate’s defeat. But what about now, in 2020? Celebrities showed the same self-serving indiscretion when media outlets declared Biden Presidential Elect on Saturday – by staying complacent, if not silent. 

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore has made his disdain for Donald Trump no secret over the years. In fact, he made a whole movie about it. Upon Clinton’s 2016 defeat, Moore used Twitter to encourage Americans to incite fighting and resistance to the election results.

A far cry from his recent take on the recent 2020 Presidential Elect declarations:

Controversial actress Lindsay Lohan was a vocal advocate for a 2016 recount, to which she received much backlash. Now? Not a word from the actress.

2016 Green Party candidate Jill Stein led Democrats in the post-election recount in hopes that Clinton would come out winning (despite Clinton already conceding via phone call). Hollywood’s stronger-opinionated had commended Stein and urged followers to back the recount.

Some painted the losing third-party candidate as a hero, like Rosie O’Donnell:

The former tweet a far cry from the sentiment towards the president (who she’s engaged in a many year feud with) and his family.

Star Trek veteran actor George Takei took to Twitter alongside O’Donnell in 2016 in support of Stein’s recount fundraising campaign…

…but was certain of no election interference just 24 hours after news outlets began reporting a Biden victory?

It appears that if Democrats get their way in the election, that’s it. No collusion, no election fraud, no skepticism in the media.

Where’s the discretion? Where’s holding our democratic institution’s accountable? The media’s lack of accountability is reminiscent of the lack of coverage for Tara Reid, who accused her former boss (now President Elect) Joe Biden of sexual assault in the 1990’s, but never saw a court case unlike Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford.

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Interestingly enough, the 2016 recount coveted by the aforementioned is back in the news, as Business Insider reported that despite raising over $7 million for the recount, Jill Stein owes the Federal Election Commission $66,000 in campaign finance violations.

Lieberman reiterated the importance of prioritizing national interests and remaining integral regardless of the outcome when asked about the president conceding, saying “I hope even if the president disagrees with the court’s decision, he says, ‘I tried my best,’”.

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