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Burr: Obama Made Fun of Trump. Then Trump Took His House

Comedian Bill Burr: Obama treated Trump “like Carey at the prom”


 | November 18, 2020

Nov 18 2020

Bill Burr offered a comedian’s perspective on how incredible it was that Donald Trump came back after getting roasted by then-President Barack Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. 

Burr shared his thoughts while talking about the election on his Nov. 9 episode of his Monday Morning Podcast. He also had harsh words for CNN host Anderson Cooper, who recently compared the president to an “obese turtle on his back flailing in the hot sun.” 

Compared White House Correspondents’ Dinner to a roast

“You gotta hand it to Trump, unbelievable success story,” Burr said, reflecting on how Trump responded to getting “belittled” by Obama and emcee Seth Meyers. 

Burr compared the dinner to a roast and said that Trump “discovered he was the raw meat.” 

“They made fun of Donald about his day-to-day versus what the actual president did, and within like a year and a half of that, that fucking guy who you thought was a boob ran for president and fucking won and you had to turn your keys over to him. Now, say what you want about the guy but that is like, that’s like a Hollywood ending,” Burr said. “I mean, they treated him like Carey at the fucking prom, they dumped the pig blood on him, and the fucking guy came back, you know? I mean I wasn’t a fan of what he did when he was in there but you know, you gotta give it up, right?”

“That was an amazing turn of events,” Burr said.

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Burr says CNN host Anderson Cooper is not a journalist, calls him a YouTube commentator

Earlier in the same podcast episode, Burr ripped CNN host Anderson Cooper for mocking the president.

A few days prior, Cooper had called Trump’s press conference about the ballot counting process “sad and pathetic.” Cooper then went on to say: “That is the president of the United States. That is the most powerful person in the world and we see him like an obese turtle on his back flailing in the hot sun, realizing his time is over, but he just hasn’t accepted it and he wants to take everybody down with him, including the country.”

Burr referred to Cooper’s comments as a low point in the post-election celebrations: “When he said Trump is in the White House like a fat turtle laying on his back, it’s just like… you’re not even a journalist. You’re like a fucking YouTube commentator,” Burr said.

Burr then questioned why anyone watches CNN.

Offered condolences and congrats

Speaking of post-election celebrations, Burr compared the way people react to elections to the way sports rivals react after a championship game. He also offered condolences and congratulations. 

“My condolences to everybody who loved Trump. Sorry your guy didn’t win. Congratulations to the Biden people that your person won,” Burr said. “I think that it’s incredibly ignorant as an American right now to rub it in to right wing people that their guy lost. I think it’s incredibly childish to go after Trump and make all these stupid fucking memes. Everybody needs to chill out and be nice. And you know, maybe treat people with respect.” 

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