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Why Actors Are Idiots

The personal experiences that lead to the birth of Actors Are Idiots


 | September 9, 2020

Sep 09 2020

Shakespeare said that, “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.” I guess that makes us all actors, and all idiots. At least some of the time. But it does seem that those who have chosen it as a profession seem to take their idiocy to a whole new level. 

I for one am a silent conservative. Sometimes in the silent majority and sometimes in the silent minority. Yet my silence doesn’t mean I remain idle. The level of idiocy that spews from a vast majority of Hollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole is truly mind boggling. One has to wonder how long it will take for them to wake up and realize it’s called show “business”.

I can’t tell you the countless actors I have admired for their craft. Let’s start with an easy one, Robert De Niro. If he was in it, it was almost a guarantee I wanted to see it.

But then, like so many, he started spewing his vitriolic crap. Basically calling half the population complete and total morons – or worse. You know the key words: racist, misogynist, Nazi, and the list goes on and on.

Instantly and obviously, as anyone with a half-ounce of self respect would do, I started disliking him. 

And silently, without a twitter tirade, a flash mob, or sponsoring a boycott, I simply and silently will just never spend another dime to see anything he is in. I don’t try to rally the troops to join my cause. It’s just a simple and personal thing I do. I don’t want a single dime of my hard earned money going to him or to any of his causes. I’m sure he doesn’t care and won’t be filing bankruptcy anytime soon. However for me and my self respect, I sure feel a hell of a lot better knowing I’m not giving anything to a guy that feels that I am such an insignificant common denominator. 

I have a feeling though that I’m not alone and a whole lot of people in this country feel and respond the same way I do. 

Maybe, just maybe, Hollywood will one day wake up and realize it is impacting their bottom line. Then we can all live Happily Ever After!

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