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Someone built a TRUMP sign in LA, and The Government Promptly Took It Down

Officials claimed the sign was a “distraction” to drivers. What about the giant Hollywood sign?


 | October 15, 2020

Oct 15 2020

Someone built a giant TRUMP sign on private property near the freeway in L.A., and the government promptly took it down.

Officials claimed the sign was a “distraction” to drivers. What about the giant Hollywood sign?

The approximately 10-foot-tall sign spelled out “TRUMP” in all capital letters, with a look similar to the iconic Hollywood sign. It was built on private land on a hillside near the 405 freeway, but a significant distance away from the road.

The sign appeared overnight. Government officials responded by taking it down before the end of morning rush hour. The sign was not removed, since it was on private property, but it was laid flat so that it would not be a “visual distraction.” It’s still unclear who erected the sign.

An official for the California Department of Transportation was quoted as saying that “This was a life and safety issue because there were concerns about distracted driving.” 

A driver who spotted the sign in the morning and who called to complain expressed concern that the sign could be a wildfire hazard, due to the dry brush in the area. (There was no explanation for how a sign could spark a fire.)   

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said on Twitter that it was government censoring free speech:

Stunning. CA govt censors free speech on private property.  A blatant abuse of power for political ends. 

Does anyone think they would have made them take down a Biden sign?

According to a fact check from USA Today, temporary political signs along roadsides are legal in California, but there are restrictions that the sign did not meet. Still, there are serious questions about whether the government’s actions were a violation of the First Amendment.  

Earlier this month, Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame was vandalized. Again. The star was vandalized by someone dressed as The Incredible Hulk. 

Speaking of the Hulk, read what Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo said about vice president Pence’s debate performance

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