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‘Parks and Recreation’ To Reunite Yet Again To “Ensure Trump Loses Wisconsin”


 | September 14, 2020

Sep 14 2020

The cast of Parks and Recreation will reunite for the second time this year to raise money for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and do everything they can to ensure Donald Trump doesn’t win the crucial swing state in the 2020 election.

The hour long reunion will feature former cast members Amy Poehler, Adam Scott, Aubrey Plaza, Retta, Nick Offerman, Jim O’Heir and series co-creator Michael Schur. The event will be, “livestreamed once at 8pm CT on September 17th, with an exclusive Q&A starting at 8:30pm,” and the proceeds from the event will “be used to ensure that Trump loses Wisconsin, and thereby the White House,” according to the event page.

The page allows users to donate anywhere from $1 to $5,000 and incentivizes users by saying, “Most people are chipping in $27!”

This is the second reunion this year for the widely beloved comedy show that ended in 2015. The cast reunited in April to raise money for Coronavirus relief with a special one off episode that showcased the characters dealing with quarantine in their trademark ways as they called each other via Zoom.

It’s important to keep in mind that they are not supporting Joe Biden. In fact, Joe Biden isn’t mentioned at all in the event page or the announcement. In a classic case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, they are hyper-focused on removing Trump, no matter who replaces him. Even if it’s a senile old man with demonstrable signs of cognitive decline.

Parks Jumps the Shark

Parks and Rec was a good show, some would even say a great show, even though it had terrible ratings and was on the verge of cancellation the entire time it was on the air. It was one of the first sitcoms to stream on Netflix and has amassed a substantial cult following due from viewers discovering it after the show went off the air.

The show made its left-leaning opinions clear over the years. From the hero worship of Barack and Michelle Obama and Joe Biden (who appeared on the show), to its mockery of large corporations, to its constant insistence that government is the solution to the world’s problems, the writers put their opinions on display. And despite your political leanings you could still love the show because it was funny.

The relationship between Leslie Knope, the spokesperson for the liberals everywhere, and Ron Swanson, her Capitalist-loving, hilariously libertarian boss, gave the show some of its best moments. They didn’t paint Swanson as a lunatic, or somebody that needed to be removed from his job, but as a peer. He was a caricature of a “Man’s man” but written with respect, not a clown that the characters mocked.

The show leaned into political satire constantly, but always had a way of doing it that didn’t distract from the funny. It was successful because it was lighthearted and fun and treated all points of view with respect.

That was before Trump, the Russian asset who’s only intention is to destroy America at the behest of Putin (according to the left), was elected. Now that it’s election season, the cast wants to use the good will they’ve built with the fond memories people have of their show to push a radical political agenda.

Why? These actors already use their social media accounts to constantly bash Trump on Twitter. Why tarnish the name of a truly great sitcom that people from both sides of the political spectrum love? It’s disingenuous to paint it as a “special” that’s for the fans when it’s anything but. It’s a trojan horse. The show name and actors are only meant to get people to expect a new episode when it will probably be pure anti-Trump propaganda with a possible sprinkling of Joe Biden worship.

That would explain why A-lister Chris Pratt who plays Andy Dwyer, the show’s most popular character, is missing. He’s stated publicly that he loves God and likely wants no part of a 1-hour bashing and belittling political views. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t invite him. They probably disowned him after figuring out that he (GASP) has a non-liberal point of view.

Please Stick to Comedy

If you want to create a Trump-bashing fundraiser, go right ahead. Hollywood does it all the time and it’s not anything new. But stop trying to disguise it as “Comedy” and take advantage of the good will from your fans. Parks and Rec is admired by a lot of people because it never jumped the shark. It never got too political or a massive dip in quality.

Advertising this as a “Parks and Rec Reunion” is a slap in the face to fans expecting to see their favorite show return to form. A way to capitalize on fandom and use it for your own political purposes. They know people will tune in for a chance to see their favorite characters and they can beat them over the head with their “ORANGE MAN BAD” rhetoric and beg them to vote for an unlikable Joe Biden. 

Parks and Rec was great because it was funny, not because it was liberal propaganda. The Trump jokes wore thin years ago, and if they go that route instead of trying to produce something entertaining, what fans they have left will run for the hills.

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