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Kirstie Alley Blocks Scientist During Twitter Feud

Actress blocks environmental journalist on Twitter for telling her she is wrong


 | August 18, 2020

Aug 18 2020

Kirstie Alley blocked an environmental journalist on Twitter who told her she was wrong about the Amazon rainforest. 

It started with the actress sharing an Aug. 15 tweet from Greenpeace that said, “Losing the Amazon means losing the fight against the climate crisis.” She then exclaimed “Exactly!” in response to someone else who said they are “destroying the lungs of the world.” 

Mike Shellenberger (author of Apocalypse Never: Why environmental alarmism hurts us all) then replied to the actress, “Respectfully, they’re not the lungs of the world” and he included a link to a 2019 Forbes article he wrote explaining why that is not true. (TL;DR: The Amazon produces a lot of oxygen but the plants use basically the same amount in respiration, so it’s a net wash.)

Alley replied to Shellenberger, “Respectfully that is one article”

Shellenberger continued the interaction by saying that he loved her as an actor but not so much as a reader. He included a screenshot of part of his article to back up his point that there is no scientific debate over this issue; it is settled science. 

The actress then blocked the scientist. 

Alley later tweeted that she was not in the mood to put up with smarty pants scientists.

It would be easy to assume from the interaction that Kirstie Alley is a far-left environmentalist who refuses to listen to factual information that runs counter to her ideology. But she frequently makes anti-leftist statements. On Aug. 6, she tweeted, “Don’t follow me because you think im some kind of hard core conservative. I’m an accidental conservative forced to jump ship because over the last decade my team has taken such a hard left that they’ve ended up somewhere between socialism & candyland with the bent of McCarthy.”

On Aug. 7, she replied to an article in Teen Vogue that advocates abolishing the police and private property by saying, “LOOKY how deprived these “kids” are…they need to hitch a time machine back to Prussia and live it up with Karl for a few years …THEY’ll BEG TO COME HOME”

On Aug. 14, she tweeted that, “We gotta get motivated about voting in 2020… the SOCIALIST squad is doing what they do best LYING, FEAR mongering and manipulating. Venezuela didn’t believe it either but it happened.” 

On. Aug. 12, she tweeted that “If you fancy 4 more years of Portland,Seattle, Chicago, LA, NYC 100X..VOTE BIDEN and his new flip flopping side kick.. NEVER ONCE have I seen or heard EITHER of them SPEAK out against the violence, looting, killing, destroying or illigal occupation. If I’m wrong slip me a video”

Alley starred in the TV series “Cheers” and “Veronica’s Closet” as well as movies “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn” and “Look Who’s Talking.” 

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