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Is It Time To Boycott NASCAR Over Alyssa Milano Clothing Deal?

Turnabout is fair play


 | March 8, 2021

Mar 08 2021

Alyssa Milano recently called on her followers to boycott Hyatt Hotels after the company defended the right of conservatives to express their political views.

So the question must be asked: is it time to boycott NASCAR over its licensing deal with Alyssa Milano’s clothing line?

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Most NASCAR fans are probably not aware that the stock car racing has had a licensing agreement with Milano’s clothing company since 2013. (The actress started her own clothing line years earlier after realizing that many sports did not offer clothing that female fans would want to wear.) Touch by Alyssa Milano now produces NASCAR-licensed apparel for women, which is available to purchase through the NASCAR online store. 

When it announced the deal, NASCAR described Touch by Alyssa Milano as “the premier, high-end fashion brand for the female sports fan.” 

Generally speaking, boycotts of businesses over political differences are a bad idea. They create further negativity and political divide, and most people do not want to live in bifurcated society where politics seeps into every aspect of life. But if Milano is going to use her platform to threaten companies such as Hyatt with a boycott because it allowed conservatives to rent space to hold a political conference, then turnabout is fair play.

NASCAR has one of the most conservative fan-bases in the world, yet the actress routinely expresses contempt for conservatives. 

In 2019, Milano said in a tweet that “The red MAGA hat is the new white hood” in response to the viral video of the Covington Catholic kids supposedly harassing a native American protestor. 

Milano later wrote an op-ed explaining why she would not apologize, even though it was quickly revealed that the video had been deceptively edited and the kids unfairly maligned. CNN later settled a lawsuit over the incident for an undisclosed amount.  

Perhaps it is time to Boycott NASCAR until it ends its partnership with Milano.

Cancel your Disney+

It’s tough to avoid buying things from companies that manufacture goods in China, given how much the U.S. and Chinese economies are intertwined. But it’s important to send a message that human rights abuses will not be tolerated, and one way to do that is by canceling your Disney+ streaming service.

Why boycott Disney? Because Disney collaborated with the Chinese government to film portions of the live-action remake of “Mulan” in the Xinjiang region of China where more than a million Muslim Uighurs are reportedly held prisoner in concentration camps, and it gave a special thanks to the government security services running the camps in the movie’s end credits. People are being used for slave labor and subjected to human rights abuses including torture, forced sterilization, government-sanctioned rape, and organ harvesting, and Disney looked the other way.

Cancel your Disney+. 

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