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Don’t Gag: Lady Gaga Oreos Are A Thing That Exist

Nabisco releases limited-edition pink-and-green cookies inspired by singer’s Chromatica album


 | February 11, 2021

Feb 11 2021

Nabisco has released a new product that say will be music to Lady Gaga fans’ ears: Lady Gaga Oreos. 

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The limited-edition pink-and-green cookies are inspired by the singer’s “Chromatica” album and her “Little Monsters” (which is the term for Lady Gaga’s fan base). The cookies come in a bright metallic-pink package and the wafers are embossed with a variety of designs inspired by the singer’s album. The cookies themselves are vanilla flavored, featuring green crème between two golden wafters tinted pink. 

According to the Oreo website, “The combo of wafer cookies and crème turns each treat into a chance to spread kindness – especially since resealable packs make sharing simple!”

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Although the Oreo website exhorts customers to share the cookie with friends, someone in the marketing department must have realized that there is a pandemic and people are supposed to be social distancing, because the website also says that, “This cookie may even inspire you to have a solo Lady Gaga-themed dance party!”

A sugar-fueled solo dance party is a sad image, but if you are going to eat Oreos then getting some exercise by dancing is probably a good idea. The nutrition label says that a single serving size of just two of these Oreo cookies has 150 calories, 12 grams of added sugar (which is 24% of the daily recommended allowance) and 7 grams of fat. Sugar is also listed as the first ingredient. 

Given that obesity is one of the major risk factors of having a severe reaction to the coronavirus, this is probably not the best time to encourage people to consume sugary desserts. But if you’re a fan, the Lady Gaga Oreos are now available for purchase in stores nationwide.

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