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Cuomo Out!

And the Emmy for disgraced governor goes to…


 | August 19, 2021

Aug 19 2021

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced he will step down from office following an investigation by the state attorney general that found he sexually harassed multiple women, which Cuomo denies.

It wasn’t that long ago that wide swaths of the news media and celebrities were fawning over the New York governor for his performance during the pandemic. He was lauded for his leadership, and built-up as an anti-Trump, despite his administration’s disastrous decision to force nursing homes to accept covid-positive patients.  

Cuomo was even given an Emmy award for his “masterful” use of television during the early stage of the pandemic. 

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That adulation is over now. And so is Chelsea Handler’s crush on the governor. 

Chelsea Handler: crush on Cuomo is o-v-e-r

Comedian Chelsea Handler made news last year when she revealed that she had a crush on Cuomo. She wrote a love letter to Cuomo in a Vanity Fair article titled “Dear Andrew Cuomo, I want to be your First Lady” and later revealed she asked him on a date.

She also incorporated her feelings for New York Democrat into her “Evolution” stand-up comedy special. “I like older men, which brings me to the strong and deep sexual feelings that I have developed for Andrew Cuomo,” she said. “I want him to flatten my curve, then I want to flatten his curve. And then I want us to apex together.” 

Cuomo was asked about Handler’s date request during an appearance on “The View,” which he rejected by explaining that he was only dating New York residents at the time.

In July of this year, in a conversation with “Sway” podcast host Kara Swisher, Handler said that she no longer has a crush on Cuomo.  

“This is a guy that doesn’t like it offered up,” Handler said after finding out about the accusations of sexual misconduct. “So my crush with him is, yes, O-V-E-R.” 

Trevor Noah: Cuomo-sexual no more

“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah, who once said “My Tinder profile now lists me as a Cuomo-sexual,” has likewise backed away from his previous praise of New York’s governor. 

In March, “The Daily Show” tweeted a clip of Noah mocking the situation. “All those people who praised Cuomo, so highly last year, whew, those people really don’t look so smart now. Delete the tapes, delete the (bleeped) tapes, delete them all!” he joked. “It must be so embarrassing. Can you imagine if you were one of those people?”

On Tuesday, shortly after the governor announced his resignation, “The Daily Show” account tweeted: “New York has successfully flattened the perv.”

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