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Candace Owens Eviscerates Cardi B In Twitter War

The two had an ongoing social media battle that spanned across Twitter and Instagram


 | September 7, 2020

Sep 07 2020

Two of the most prominent black female celebrities went toe to toe on Twitter to kick off Labor Day weekend. Conservative commentator Candace Owens and rapper Cardi B traded increasingly disrespectful insults over Trump, Biden, racists, and WAP. 

Owens, likely starting the fight to promote her upcoming book “Blackout”, kicked things off by attacking the New York Emcee. She said, “Since most black people didn’t have the spine to admit that @benshapiro was 100% correct about @iamcardib and how her music and platform contributes to the disintegration of black culture and values…here you go. #WAP #SundaySpecial

She was referring to Shapiro’s reaction to Cardi B’s #1 hit “WAP” (which stands for Wet Ass P—-) which he called “Wet Ass P-word”. Shapiro mocked the song for its faux women’s empowerment message and the song’s provocative, sometimes vile lyrics. He was relentlessly mocked on social media for his opinion.

Owens’ first tweet was the first shot of an all out war in the court of public opinion. Cardi responded with a perplexing tweet attempting to explain why Joe Biden chose her to speak, “cause I have the #1 song”. The musician also included a bizarre video of her sister allegedly getting harassed in the Hamptons. She added “& yet my sister can’t go to the beach in the Hampton’s wit out trump supporters harassing cause they were by themselves & Santa Claus was harassing my sis GF all because they are a Afro/Hispanic gay couple.”

Turns out Owens was just laying a trap. She knew the rapper would respond and make both of them a trending topic on Twitter, but she came prepared. “To clarify—Joe Biden “gotta talk” to you because you have the number 1 song and Santa Claus was harassing your sister? Um. K. Thanks for clearing that one up.” Owens shot back.

“Yes you are right I have the number 1 song & I have a huge platform and I can make millions go vote to get the MAN THAT USED YOU” Cardi replied, seemingly referring to Donald Trump. “I don’t want to argue with you Candace I really don’t have the time. I honestly just feel sorry for you.”

This is where Candace Owens, who, regardless of your opinion on her, always comes prepared when she’s trolling, starts to rain down cold hard facts and point out Biden’s history of racism.

“You are encouraging MILLIONS to go vote for the man that locked up entire generations of black men. Maybe go google: JOE BIDEN AND 1994 CRIME BILL.” And then tried to end it by saying “Lastly, asking racist Joe Biden to lower your taxes in the same breath that you asked for free universal healthcare is about as thick as it gets. When you stick to music, you can get left alone. When you dabble in politics, you will get called out for platforming ignorance.”

Owens was trying to end the conversation but anybody familiar with Cardi B knew she wasn’t going to let it go.

Round 2: The Feud Escalates to Instagram

Before jumping platforms, Cardi and Owens shot accusations of racism back and forth. Each of them accused the others’ preferred presidential candidate of racism. Cardi kept referencing fabricated events including Trump laughing “every time a black man gets killed” and “encouraging people to drink bleach”. Meanwhile, Owens kept coming at her with some uncomfortable truths.

She brought up Cardi’s admission to date raping men. Owens also brought up the fact that when police are defunded there is a “200% increases in black men getting shot in inner cities. “STOP SUPPORTING BLACK PEOPLE DYING”. At this point, Twitter fingers turned to Instagram videos as Cardi jumped on live to echo the points she was attempting to make on Twitter. Candace again came with receipts and landed a knockout blow with this 8 minute video.

Cardi was out of facts and tried insulting Owens by saying “Your baby singing wap wap wap this some dry ass p—yyy” (Owens is 6 months pregnant). This only made things worse. 

Cardi B kept lobbing up softballs for Owens who destroyed her over and over again with facts and evidence. The rapper was clearly out of her element and didn’t come off as the best spokesperson for the Democratic party, or really even a competent one. 

Candace ended the bloodshed with a video of Malcom X speaking on white liberals with the caption “Malcolm X warned us years ago about the puppetry of interviews like Cardi B and Joe Biden. He always spoke out against the white liberal game of using entertainers as pawns. This isn’t really about you, @iamcardib. This is about black America waking up to Democrat racism.”

Out of her Element

Despite already having a clear win in this high profile flame war, Owens ended it with a powerful statement. “Never listen to a person that has private security but wants the public police defunded. Never listen to a millionaire that made it here in America, but trashes our country. 

These Hollywood idols are frauds, leading sheep down paths they never took when they discovered success.”

In one tweet, she summed up the hypocrisy exhibited by Cardi B and other celebrity Democrat mouthpieces. They tell you to do one thing but would never take their own advice. They live in a bubble that doesn’t remotely resemble the real world that regular people have to deal with. Their political views are not based on facts and not based in reality. 

Owens pointed out how easy it is to win a debate with liberal celebrities such as Cardi B. The second you bring up Biden’s history of supporting racist-based policies, the conversation devolves into insults and low blows. Cardi never once acknowledged the facts Owens was posting or tried to convey a reasoned argument. Instead, she insulted her, insinuated she was a slave, and said she was a puppet for the Conservative movement. 

Kudos to Owens for keeping her arguments based in facts and refusing to stoop to Cardi’s level. The rapper learned an important lesson that Candace summed up in her live video, “I wouldn’t challenge you to a rap battle, you’re in my area, you’re in politics”. She implored Cardi to educate herself and be more responsible with her platform rather than spewing democratic talking points and blindly supporting the Biden campaign despite his terrible record on race. 

Cardi thought she was untouchable on Twitter. She’s dunked on several high profile celebrities before and thought she was bulletproof. Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight and don’t debate a political commentator without having a reasoned argument with facts to support it. 

Owens said she wasn’t “trolling for clout” but that’s not true. She was and she got what she wanted from Cardi. Trolling has become part of any big album/book launch and Owens is no different. But she used her platform to educate and support her opinion. This was unlike Cardi B, who threw empty, hurtful insults to get more retweets. She showed that Cardi doesn’t know why she supports Democrats and demonstrated why celebrities should stay out of politics unless they know what they’re talking about. 

Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens are some of the most mocked, insulted people on Twitter. The collective left have decided good points don’t matter because it came from them and everything they say is bad. Those same people will gladly take advice from Cardi B, who’s uneducated on what she’s talking about but is one of the liberal “approved” celebrities. 

Clout doesn’t correspond to knowledge and having a platform doesn’t mean you have to have an opinion. Stick to what you know, be honest, know your stuff, practice what you preach, and base your opinions in fact. Owens made her points clear, Cardi B and Democrats in general should learn from her example. 

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