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10 Celebrity Interviews Gone Wrong

These Awkward, Bad and Downright Ugly You're Guaranteed to Cringe At


 | September 30, 2020

Sep 30 2020

What better way to get to know our favorite celebrities than to put them on the spot with a line of hard-hitting, sometimes personal questions? Well, being put on the spot is guaranteed to produce unexpected reactions and answers. Every interview is not bound to go smoothly – surely we’ve all seen the good, bad and the ugly. 

Here at Actors are Idiots, we’ve compiled some of the most cringe-inducing, hard-to-watch interviews of high profile celebrities – from the awkward questions, to the drug-fueled sh*t shows:

The Awkward:

Gwen Stefani (2020): Blake Shelton is NOT My Husband

Dua Lipa, who was guest hosting on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon when in an interview with Gwen Stefani, she mistakenly referred to her X-Factor Co-Judge, Blake Shelton, as her husband. Stefani was quick to correct the guest host, which prompted an embarrassing response.

Jim Carrey’s (2017) “Meaningless” Harper’s Bazaar Icons Interview

A rare public appearance by Carrey at the annual fashion week celebration ended in an almost-incoherent interview by the comedic actor. From the insistence of interviewer Catt Sadler’s non-existence, to an untimely James Brown impression, to “clusters of tetrahedrons” not mattering – the whole interaction has summed up Carrey’s contemporary image.

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Tony Danza Trash Talks Morning News on Hot Mic (1998)

Following the release of the 1998 Disney Film The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon, Tony Danza was to give an interview on an ABC morning news program. However, the actor trash-talked the gig, unknowingly on air while the host uncomfortably laughed until Danza realized he was on air. Nevertheless, the actor owned it, laughed it off and continued with the interview. Good on ya, Tony.

The Bad:

Quentin Tarantino “I’m Shutting Your Butt Down!” (2013)

Coveted director and producer Quentin Tarantino snaps back at Krishnan Guru-Murthy after the interview turns to a series of questions insinuating links between violence in movies and real life. Tarantino’s visible frustration stems from the many alleged instances where he had already given his opinion (being there no connection), but the interview persists.

Tom Cruise Makes Interviewer Cry (2005)

Although this may not count as a legitimate interview, it is too much of a classic to not include. Channel 4 program Balls of Steel recruited a team of faux reporters to spray actor Tom Cruise as a practical joke at the world premiere of his then-latest film War of the Worlds. After the soaking, Cruise immediately grabbed the prankster by the hand and delivered a Dany Tanner-esque dad talk – scolding the interviewer. Post-confrontation, the interviewer left crying (see at 1:28) and was eventually apprehended.

Jerry Seinfeld Rips into Larry King (2010)

In an interview on Larry King Live, the two television greats were discussing the successful sitcom Seinfeld, which enjoyed a nine-year run. King asked whether the show’s ending was due to cancellation or personal decision. Jerry Seinfeld took great offense to the perceived insinuation of lacking success and berated the veteran talk show host. Paper-thin ego, much?

The Down-Right Ugly:

Jesse Eisenberg and The “Carrot Top of Interviewers” (2013)

Eisenberg relentlessly insults interviewer Romina Puga during a promotion for the actor’s film, Now You See Me. Not once is the movie talked about, but rather constant bantering back and forth between the two. Puga’s interview schtick for her series has each guess look into the camera and say her name – you can probably guess how that went.

Cara Delevingne “Go Take a Nap” Interview (2015)

Promoting Paper Towns on the Good Day program, Delevingne was thrown a series of questions that were taken as, say, patronizing? The actress gave visibly annoyed and sarcastic answers for each question. Towards the end, the show hosts quipped with a “Go take little a nap, maybe get a Red Bull”. See for yourself.

Laurence Fishbur……Samuel L. Jackson (2014)

KTLA reporter Sam Rubin almost killed his career over a careless move by mistaking Samuel L. Jackson for The Matrix actor Lawrence Fishburne, who had at that time recently starred in a superbowl commercial. Rubin asked about  the commercial, suggesting Jackson had starred in it. The acclaimed actor shortly ripped into the reporter and was (rightfully-so) relentless for the remainder of the interview.

James Brown’s Infamous Drugged Out Interview (1988)

Following serious allegations of domestic assault and battery, the godfather of soul himself sat down with CNN for an interview while out on bond. See Brown at his most vibrant – answering questions with singing the titles of his most popular songs, gyrations and more incoherent nonsense. The absurdity of this interview is what has made this interview forever viral in the heart of pop culture. On that note, I’ll have what he’s having!

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